YouTube Brings Another Crypto Live Stream to Sudden End

YouTube Brings Another Crypto Live Stream to Sudden End

YouTube, the leading video-sharing platform, recently brought a crypto live stream to a sudden halt, citing that the presentation violated its user policies. This is not the first time YouTube will be hitting on the victim, Sunny Decree. As of last year, Decree was affected in a massive deletion of cryptocurrency-related video content on the platform.

YouTube Halts Another Crypto Live Stream

The popular video-sharing platform has been careful enough to monitor that content providers adhere to its policies. However, many crypto enthusiasts think that YouTube is overdoing the whole thing, especially for crypto-related content. This is because more of crypto live streams and regular contents easily got flagged for policy violation.

Decree, who is the latest victim of the YouTube content regulation, disclosed on Twitter that the platform suddenly brought the crypto live stream on his English-language channel to a conclusion. After the presentation was stopped, YouTube warned that his live stream was violating its “harmful and dangerous policy.”

The YouTuber said in his tweet: “BREAKING: My #Bitcoin live stream halted and I got a warning.”

Decree Gets a Ban Warning

Reportedly, the platform went on to warn the YouTuber that he might be suspended for one week if his content goes against their policy again. If it does for the second time, he will be banned for an additional two weeks. On the third time, within 90 days, he will be locked out from the platform completely.

Decree has, in turn, said that he was not violating the YouTube policy. He urged the platform to review their recent warning, which TeamYouTube promised to do. 

This arguably makes up the second time Decree’s channel has been affected by YouTube’s strict regulation. Sometime in December last year, Decree’s channel and some other crypto-related channels had their videos removed by the platform for no reasonable explanation.

AO/X Staff