Cardano (ADA) Mary Hard Fork Eyes Mainnet Launch on March 1

Cardano, a decentralized open-source project that runs a public blockchain platform for smart contracts, has recently released a date for its long-awaited Hard Fork Combinator (HFC) event dubbed “Mary.”

Cardano To Launch Mary On March 1

According to an update on Tuesday by the project’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, the network upgrade will take place on March 1, after the HFC has completed all the quality assurance and developer checks on February 24.

Hoskinson stated that the event would take place five days following its initial trigger from the current epoch. Therefore, if the initial trigger takes place on February 24, then the hard fork will happen on March 1.

However, he noted that certain variables might change the course of the schedule. Such things as bad weather conditions, according to him, may push the date even further.

Things Going Well

The founder has high hopes for the upcoming hard fork, mentioning the amount of work that has been put into it to ensure that everything goes as planned.

He said:

“We’ve been testing it for almost a month on the testnet…looks good. Exchanges are happy. We’ve done a huge QA set, so… looks like it’s going to take off on schedule.”

Hoskinson also added that users on the Cardano network would need to upgrade their nodes in order to have access to the new network upgrade by downloading the latest version of Daedalus, Flight.

He noted that Flight would be the first version of the Daedalus wallet that will support the native multi-asset interface. Hoskinson added that the wallet would be upgraded to Flight in the first week of March as well.

Subsequently, after a two-week burn-in, Flight will be brought to the Daedalus mainnet, the primary version of the wallet, sometime around mid-March.

The Mary hard fork is a major upgrade for Cardano, and it unlocks a new world of opportunities for both the Cardano community and the companies and institutions using the network. It will fully unlock Cardano’s smart contract functionality.

Interestingly, Cardano’s native cryptocurrency, ADA, has been witnessing a massive price surge since the beginning of the year.