Apple’s anti-crypto policies hindering growth – Coinbase

Apple’s anti-crypto policies hindering growth – Coinbase

Brian Armstrong has berated Apple, American multinational technology firm and makers of popular phone brand, iPhone. The Coinbase exchange CEO did this owing to the anti-crypto policies of the phone makers.

With Apple’s anti-crypto policies still binding even as crypto becomes a mainstream financial platform, the CEO has expressed displeasure over this development.

The policies also remain a surprise to investors despite Bitcoin price soaring to $12,000, even in such an unpredictable market.

Brian Armstrong’s reaction, Apple’s anti-crypto policies

The CEO voiced out on Twitter saying the tech firm still has trust issues and is hostile with cryptocurrencies.

Months back, Coinbase had to comply with Apple’s App Store policy, thereby removing the dApp browser functionality. However, both Apple Store and Google Play wanted dApps removed.

In Brian’s tweet, he explained that Apple anti-crypto policies are proving to be a hindrance in many ways.

The pace at which the DeFi realm continues to rise leaves investors with the urge to get onboard. Most investors are looking to stake in DeFi related technologies. However, Apple anti-crypto policies have proven to be a great hindrance. iOS users are unable to experience the functionality of crypto products thoroughly, and services bring to them.

Furthermore, Apple’s hostility is said to be a hindrance to the progressive march of cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.

As it is, iOS users are unable to earn crypto by finishing tasks. Also, the firm continues to block unhindered dApp browsers, amounting to serious allegations against a global brand and a stump in the way of crypto growth.

Tech giants against Apple policies

Coinbase in 2019 said to its users that dApp browsers might be removed from the Apple Store. They said it was as a result of Apple anti-crypto policies. Then, Google likewise, Apple wanted to remove dApp from their network.

Crypto aside, policies around Apple’s App Store are being criticized by developers claiming that the tech giant often dictates unfair terms.

App developers alongside publishers have issues as regards the policies of Apple. Industry giants like Epic Games, Wall Street Journal, New York Times all expressed displeasure towards Apple. The publishing firms joined other organizations growing chorus of companies pushing for more favourable terms on Apple Store.

Conversations around Apple are fresh again now as an aftermath of Brian Armstrong’s tweet.

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